Complete Guide "How to Start Writing on Medium"


Do you want to start writing on Medium?

Get this 25-page handbook full of hands-on knowledge to accelerate your writing career.

When I first started writing on the platform, I wasted months trying to figure out how it works. I didn't know what makes a good article, how important publications are, and what I should do to grow on the platform. I learned it the hard way.

That's why I created this guide - to help you shortcut your journey to success and making money on Medium.

With this guide, you'll:

  • get to know the platform and its essential cornerstones that are important to aspiring writers, incl. Memberships and Partner Program;
  • learn what publications are, how important they are, and whether you should publish with them;
  • find out what makes a good story and how to write an article;
  • learn to write better headlines, get exercises to improve your skills, and other helpful tips;
  • get the instruments and tools you can use to grow your presence on the platform and reach a broader audience;
  • know how to make money on Medium, what the different income streams are, and learn how you can maximize your earnings;
  • get access to 25+ useful links and resources I use every day to improve my writing skills.

This complete guide gives you all the answers and information you need as an aspiring writer to kick-start your Medium journey. I created it for you, so you can save time and effort and focus on building your career and make money writing.

The guide is suitable for beginners and aspiring writers.

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The ultimate guide to shortcut your Medium journey to success with hands-on knowledge, tips, and tools.

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Complete Guide "How to Start Writing on Medium"

I want this!